Case Study

Perry Weather

Application: Remote Weather Monitoring Station

Industry: Multiple



Perry Weather is a full-service weather technology firm providing users with reliable tools to make informed decisions around lightning and weather emergencies in real-time.

The web and mobile software platforms send real-time notifications of any type of inclement weather. The program uses on-site hardware, remote sensing, and audio/visual alerts to engage customers with real-time weather alerts based on their location.

System Requirements

Perry Weather’s technology is used by sports/recreation centers, the oil and gas industry, cities and municipalities, renewable energy and at events and festivals. Some of these locations are in remote areas without easy access to set up the infrastructure. Wifi, Bluetooth and direct network connections can be expensive and unreliable, which was causing the company to lose bids due to the time and expense it would take to install the hardware in those locations. It became clear, a simple plug-n-play, wireless solution was needed.

Solve Networks Solution

Solve Networks and one of their co-sell hardware partners worked closely with Perry Weather to customize the perfect solution. Based on their need for an outdoor-rated, ethernet-capable cellular device and centralized management for their device, Solve Networks recommended a private, cellular LTE solution. An industrial, outdoor-rated cellular router was installed at the edge, and physically connects to Perry Weather’s infrastructure. It provides both inbound and outbound internet access across the secure private LTE network.

The team at Perry Weather can deliver a wireless, off-the-grid solution to their clients and with utilizing cloud management tools including Solve Network’s Clarity Connectivity Management (CCM) portal, Perry Weather has more control over their data. They can track uptime, connectivity, signal strength and troubleshoot remotely. Unlike commercial data platforms, Solve Network’s CCM portal is user-intuitive, provides real-time updates, and is self-service.

The fundamental challenge with data and IoT colliding is security. Solve Networks met this challenge head-on with Perry Weather. The security DNA on Solve Network sims provides high and low-level encryption on data traffic between Perry Weather’s edge applications and cloud-hosted services, limiting the common threats and vulnerabilities of traditional LTE networks.

The result is Perry Weather can securely install and manage more clients, even in the most remote areas.

Example IoT Solution Diagram