IoT/OT Connectivity

Device to Cloud Applications

Partner with Solve Networks to make the connectivity and visibility of remote assets to your cloud-based application the least of your system worries. The Solve Networks team has years of experience optimizing Device-to-Cloud and Device-to-Back Office connectivity, meaning you can spend your time building out the best Cloud solution for your customers. Solve Network’s infrastructure makes sure the data from your remote assets arrives to your cloud application reliably. Our robust platform and infrastructure deliver high availability and secure connectivity across multiple carriers. Easy-to-understand rate plans and billing, ability to integrate our portal with your application and full platform management capabilities will shorten your time to launch and make “scaling up” easier to manage.

Industrial SCADA and Hosted Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring and SCADA are two of the most common applications for OT Connectivity. Solve Networks evolved from this industry and we have years of experience providing connectivity and support for OT applications. If you’re building a new SCADA solution or upgrading a legacy system, it’s important to consider security and bi-directional control when selecting a connectivity partner. We speak your language and can assist in multiple facets of these type of deployments.