Solve Networks is a provider of managed cellular data connectivity service focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial automation applications. Solve Networks is staffed with a highly experienced team of sales, support and engineering professionals who have commissioned thousands of IoT wireless networks. Browse our examples below or contact us to discuss your unique application.

IoT/OT Connectivity Solved

Solve Networks offers Device-to-Cloud and Device-to-Back Office connectivity for a broad range of applications. Use cases include industrial SCADA applications, kiosk and signage connectivity, mobile fleet tracking, wellhead/pipeline monitoring and more. If your “thing” requires direct internet connectivity over a cellular connection, Solve Networks can help.

Device Manufacturers Connectivity Solved

You sell and support high-value machines critical to your customers’ operations. Remote connectivity to those machines offers the promise of resolution of issues without your personnel having to hop on a plane. Connectivity can also allow you to provide your customer with preventative maintenance directives. For security’s sake, customers often won’t or can’t provide a wired network connection to your OEM equipment. Solve Networks has experience in assisting companies like yours by putting in place a wireless OT connection to your equipment that is independent of your customer’s plant networks.

Cellular Internet Connectivity Solved

Businesses need a fast and flexible way to get more people and things connected to the Internet. Whether you need a long-term primary Internet connection at a remote site, or a standby back-up internet connection for when things go wrong with your primary Internet connection Solve Networks has you covered.