Your Internet of Things Connectivity

Our Dedicated IoT Cellular Network Is Best-In-Breed

At Solve Networks we focus solely on IoT and OT cellular data connectivity. We deliver a range of data-focused connectivity plans that include secure global coverage, as well as an intuitive cloud-based customer portal providing you convenient access to SIM management and billing information.

Secure Connectivity

Protect and optimize your solution with our wide selection of secure infrastructure options, including encrypted private networks with full end to end security.

Global Coverage

Our managed IoT network spans multiple Tier 1 wireless carriers across the globe to provide you with seamless coverage, wherever your people or assets may be.

Flexible Data Plans

We recognize every business is different. We’ll help you choose the right data plan to fit your business needs.

Speed to Launch

Launch your network in days instead of the weeks or months typical of other carriers.

IoT/OT Experience

Our team of experts have decades of experience designing and deploying IoT/OT industrial connectivity solutions. We speak the “industrial language.”

Multiple Carriers – One Dashboard

Solve Networks’ multi-carrier data pooling and a single powerful user portal simplify your global deployments. Manage all your connections from a single interface and simplify data cost by pooling across multiple Tier 1 networks.

Ready to get your network live?

Contact Solve Networks to discuss your connectivity needs, you can sign-up for a month-to-month plan that fits your needs. We don’t require long-term contracts.

How We Solve Your IoT Connectivity

Solve Networks was born out of the industrial and IoT networking world. We understand the challenges you may encounter in the design and deployment of a reliable IoT/OT data solution, and have designed our offering to address what you will inevitably come to want.

Maximum Coverage

Relying on a single Tier 1 cellular carrier means your service will be limited to only their coverage map. Solve Networks utilizes multiple Tier 1 networks to provide our services, enabling us to offer service almost anywhere you require it, across multiple carrier networks, all compiled into a single bill at prices comparable to the Tier 1 carriers.

Secure Data

Sending unencrypted data across the Internet from fixed IP addresses is inviting trouble. A private network will address the weaknesses of “public” SIMs. Our redundant and secure private network provides resilient end-to-end data security for your system. All commissioned at a fraction of the time and cost compared to setting up a private network with a Tier 1 carrier.

SIM & Data Visibility

Solve Networks’ Clarity Connectivity Management Portal (CCM) provides near real-time visibility to connected devices and delivers insights into data usage and analytics. This self-service portal provides the tools required to manage SIMs anytime via a web browser. Additionally, our open APIs can provide further integration of the management of your SIMs into your own software application.

Knowledgeable Support

We sell IoT cellular data plans. We do not sell personal voice plans. When you or your customer call Solve Networks’ tech support about an IoT/OT application, Solve Neworks’ technical support engineers are able to immediately assist. They will speak your language and provide the knowledgeable guidance you require.