Case Study

Process Automation Artificial Intelligence / Analytics Company

Application: Artificial Intelligence applied to automation applications for process optimization

Industry: Oil and Gas



Solve Networks was approached by an upstream oil and gas analytics company requiring real-time visibility to edge devices. The company was transmitting high frequency and large volumes of edge data to assist their customers with oil and gas drilling, extraction, and production efficiencies.

The data was needed in near real-time and leveraged a cellular network as their primary Internet connection to get the data back to their AI servers.

System Requirements

The customer’s deployments are typically in remote areas within the United States where oil production is most popular.

The customer requires cellular carrier diversity as every location is different and they need very fast upload and download speeds. Having the ability to leverage more than one Cellular Carrier is a must.

Traditional point-to-point radio, satellite, and other legacy technologies do not have large enough bandwidth and are extremely costly.

The customer deploys at all times of the day and week and it is a very dynamic process.

They need the ability to activate and manage SIM card deployments on their own; they cannot wait for a cellular provider to create a ticket, activate, and respond.

Solve Networks Solution

Solve Networks was able to provide multiple Tier 1 providers service pooled together. This means the customer can leverage both major carriers and doesn’t have to worry about which one is being used and counting data across the two. They pick the strongest signal and don’t have to worry about which network is being utilized.

Solve Networks Clarity Connectivity Management allows the customer to receive a large quantity of inactive SIMs to hold in their inventory. When the customer is ready to deploy, they can self-activate their own SIM cards, with their own devices, and deploy on their own schedule.

Solve Networks automation provides the customer with a monthly review of their usage and makes recommendations of what rate plans to use by SIM to minimize the customer’s monthly invoice.

Example IoT Solution Diagram