Frequently Answered Questions

1. Where can I find a manual for using the Clarity Connectivity Management (CCM) Portal?

You were given access to the CCM portal when your account was created. It can be accessed at If you are having issues, you can try the “Help” section on the main menu, call us at (888) 365-0913 or email us at

2. What type of SIM does Solve Networks Use?

Solve Networks can provide connectivity from any of our mobile network operator partners on most SIM form factors. Today’s cellular routers and gateways typically use 2FF Mini SIM cards. We are seeing the 3FF size SIM slots on newer cellular routers and anticipate that this will become more prevalent soon. Currently we utilize a standard 2FF SIM or a tri-cut SIM that has the 3FF SIM formfactor.

3. What APN do I need to use with my Solve IoT SIM card?
  1. ATT Enhanced Data Plans:; username: solve, password: solve; no SIM PIN
  2. Verizon Enhanced Data Plans: solvene.vzwentp; no username, password, or SIM PIN
  3. ATT Standard Internet: broadband; no username, password, or SIM PIN
  4. Verizon Standard Internet: vzwinternet; no username, password, or SIM PIN
  5. ATT Public Static IP: 14713.mcs; no username, password, or SIM PIN
  6. Verizon Public Static IP: so01.vzwstatic; no username, password, or SIM PIN
4. How can I tell how much data my devices have been using this month?

There are multiple locations within the Clarity Connectivity Management (CCM) Portal to view your data usage. You can access the portal by navigating to

  1. View total usage on the home page of the portal in the total usage information “tile”.
  2. You can view individual device usage on the Subscribers Detail Page.
  3. On the Statistics page, you can generate customer subscriber reports that show usage and other subscriber details.
5. How do I get my SIM cards activated?

You have two options for activating SIM cards.

  1. You can contact Solve Networks Customer Support and request the SIM cards are activated and shipped as you need them.
  2. You can purchase SIM cards in advance and activate them in CCM when you are ready get started.
6. How do I contact Technical Support and Customer Service with Solve Networks?

You can open a support ticket anytime by emailing Or, by using the support ticketing system in CCM. You can call Solve Networks at 888-365-0913, M-F, 8 am-5 pm CT.

7. How do I see my invoices and set up automated payment of my monthly bills?

You received access to the Solve Billing Portal at when your account was created. This billing portal can be used to view invoices and balances and set up payment methods. Your default payment method will be used to pay your open invoices on their due date. If you would like assistance with your payments, please contact the billing department at or call 888.365.0913 option 4.

8. I have devices that are using more data than I anticipated. How can I change the plans for those devices to avoid large overage charges?

In certain circumstances, it is possible to adjust the data plans during the bill cycle to accommodate unexpected usage. Please contact Customer Support or open a ticket in the CCM Portal and one of our customer service team will contact you to discuss options.

9. When does my data usage bill cycle reset?

Most of Solve Network’s data plans are reset once a month. Typically, that is on the 19th of each month. For example, the March bill cycle runs from February 19th-March 18th.

10. How do Solve Networks Pooled Data Plans work?

Solve Networks pooled plans work by aggregating all the data allowances of the same size, within a single account to a shared pool of data. For example, if you have 100 SIM cards all activated with a 50 MB allowance plan, there would be a single 5000 MB pool available to share amongst the 100 SIM cards. Within the same account, if you had another 10 SIM cards with 1 GB plans, those 10 SIM cards would have 10 GB of data to share. These pooling rules work across multiple network providers.

11. If I have SIM cards that are operating on different mobile carriers, can I still share a pool of data?

If the data plans all have the same data allowance, yes. You can pool that data across multiple mobile carriers.

12. Does Solve Networks have data plans that allow me to pay for only the data I use, instead of buying pools of data?

Yes. Solve Networks specializes in building plans to fit your business need.

13. My company sells a connected solution. How can I easily provide data connectivity for my customers without buying and reselling data from Solve Networks myself?

Solve Networks has a partner referral program that can make the process of providing connectivity for your connected solution simple and easy. Plus, by using our Clarity Connectivity Management Portal, you can offer your customers ongoing support and maintenance services. Please contact our sales team for more information about Partner Programs.