Device Manufacturers Connectivity

Simple & Secure Connectivity for remote support

Manufacturers of critical equipment understand the importance of remote support. In addition to providing timely support, the manufacturer can realize new streams of revenue from collecting analytics and providing predictive maintenance guidance to their customer. Because of the fear of hacking, though, it has become rare for an end-user to allow equipment manufacturers to connect to their machinery over the customer’s plant OT network. No problem! Solve Network’s secure cellular connectivity can provide a safe and simple method for remotely accessing your machinery without reliance on your customer’s wired plant networks.

Partnership programs

If you are an original equipment manufacturer that sells solutions reliant on a cellular data connection, then you should partner with Solve Networks to get your customers stresslessly “lit up” on our data network. Simply include a Solve SIM with your OEM equipment when it ships, and we will handle end-customer onboarding, monthly billing, and provide data network support for your customers. You don’t have to lift a finger. Don’t worry, our pricing is comparable to Tier 1 providers, so there is no premium being paid by the end customer for our OT/IoT expertise.

If your company packages data into a comprehensive product offering, we have solutions for that as well. Give us a ring to discuss.